Drone-016: PSSU – 307309 / Fabricated from Steel

Release date // December 7, 2018
Format // 12″, digital
Catalog Nr // Drone 016
Purchase // 12″, digital

A1: 307309
B1: Fabricated from Steel

PSSU are Richard Fearless and Daniel Avery. Long time friends, they first formed their relationship whilst working out of Andrew Weatherall’s legendary ‘Rotters Golf Club’ where Fearless made Trans-Love Energies and Avery did a lot of Drone Logic. The two are now studio neighbours in Leamouth on the River Thames. They were drawn to the collaboration by a mutual appreciation of the other’s music.

‘307309’ is pure electro soul and, with ‘Fabricated from Steel’, PSSU deliver a techno monster. Both tracks were forged at the Metal Box, Drone’s studio in East London.

Limited edition release of 500 in a black sleeve, each with a unique, experimental numbered screen print, 30 cm x 60 cm, in collaboration with Studio Heretic.