Decay, D’Marc Cantu’s debut release on Drone, is out today: a piece of repetitious, dance-inducing, machine funk which has been killing it on the floor. On the flip side we have Rival, the first release for Cantu’s Rival alias, which has had some incredible underground support from the likes of Perc, Kirk Degiorgio, Hunee, Steffi, Gerd, DJ TLR, Wink, Voiski, DVSI, Ben Sims, Slam, Alex Cortex, Laurent Garnier, Aroy Dee, to name a few.

DMC says of this release:

“Sonically I’m reminded of old home videos, a lower quality presentation of a memory. Decay has that quality to it that reminds of a time gone but stills feels familiar and comforting. Rival was the first experiment of my first alias, Rival. It was recorded in with a Volca drum machine the first day I got it, no effects and no edits, as is the basis of the alias, unedited analog sessions. One take.”

Fearless has directed a short film for Decay, drawing influences from Butoh dance and old Detroit techno documentaries. Shot and edited with Boldizsar CR of ASWESAW, and featuring the movement of Oliver Fay.